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EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

Losing my data is the greatest problem I have ever experienced as a smartphone and computer user.   The data I had lost was precious and priceless.   I had lost both outstanding school and office documents. Also, I had lost great family and friends videos and photos.

How I recovered my lost data

My computer got attacked by virus forcing me to format the computer, although I had not backed up my data. I lost all my data, which was critical, but I started looking for data recovery software to recover my data on the internet. After researching on the various data recovery software, I found many were not trusted by the different users, on giving the best recovery results. easeus

Also, I realized accurate and reliable data recovery software was not free, although they offered some trail period.   Among the software was EaseUS free data recovery software, which was allowed me to recover 2GB of the lost data free.  The EaseUS data recovery software recovered my lost data, and after purchasing the software, I did recover deleted  files  safely.

Besides the EaseUS data recovery software being reliable, I found it every user-friendly. The process of recovering my lost data was very easy. After downloading the software, I performed both quick and deep scan. The scanning was very fast, and the software gave me a preview of all files, I selected all files that were important and pressed the recovery button.

EaseUS is the only software I can recommend if you intend to save the scanning results and resume the recovery next time without scanning again.  Besides, the software has the capacity of recovering lost data from all forms of losing data such as system crash, formatting, partition loss and others.  Also, EaseUS data recovery software can easily recover photos, music, email and documents, within short time and without overwriting like in my case.

If you are experiencing data loss, EaseUS data recovery is the software to use either in a smartphone, computers or any storage device.

Tips on preventing data loss

Before you reach a point of using recovery software, you can prevent data loss through the following tips, which I have been using after recovering my data using free data recovery software.

  • Updating your system always
  • Installing original anti-virus software, which protects your system from virus and malware attack.
  • Creating a password or passcode in your computer system or smartphone to prevent access by anyone.
  • Avoiding un-useful softwares in your computer as they can cause the crashing of your system.
  • Making sure you backup all your useful data. Among the best places to back up your data is Google Drive, One Drive and others, since they provide free space and are safe for storage.


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