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How has vaser liposuction changed lives?


Our bodies are like stroppy toddlers: they’re needy, constantly complaining and categorically refuse to do what we ask of them. As we get older, the struggle to keep our bodies in check gets even more difficult. At every turn something else is going wrong and our efforts to keep up start to feel like a fruitless battle. There is still a lot of stigma around liposuction. We hear about it going on pretty often, but for a lot of us it is still something we associate with Beverly Hills housewives or stars of reality television. We could never imagine actually getting it done to ourselves. Well, that’s about to change.

Image source Pixabay

Image source Pixabay

As we get older, our metabolisms slow down to what feels like a complete stop. The cakes and burgers we scoffed in our twenties are now off limits and even that piece of toast in the morning is starting to feel like a risk. It’s a normal thing that happens to pretty much everyone, but it can still be upsetting to notice things wobbling and drooping that hadn’t before. Times are changing for the older generations, though. The years of grandmas and grandpas wearing corduroys and PVC rain macs are over. Older men and women are breaking down the barriers of fashion, setting trends and showing everyone that beauty really is timeless. Their setting their own standards of fashion and none of those include glossy pop-socks and blankets. What we’re also seeing at the same time is a rise of beauty conscious seniors. Plastic surgery is on the increase in the older generation and there isn’t any shame in that. One treatment that a lot of older men and women are looking into is vaser liposuction. It’s a form of liposuction that uses vibration to break down fat cells in target areas, which is a lot safer and less taxing on the body than traditional liposuction. Because it isn’t as damaging to the body, it’s becoming a favoured option for the slightly less durable older generation and helping them rediscover their love for their body.

Sometimes getting liposuction isn’t about wanting to be thinner. Our bodies distribute fat in very strange ways. A lot of women have an issue with being unable to get rid of the fat on their hips and for a lot of men their stomach is one of the hardest places to get rid of fat. When these little things go wrong in our bodies we might have a tendency to obsess over them. You could be as healthy and as fit as an athlete and these things wouldn’t change, no matter how much work you put in. It’s just the way our bodies work: they’re strange and mysterious and they never do what we want them to do. Sometimes fat distribution can be especially strange; we can find it collecting under our chins and around our ankles and it’s almost impossible to shift it in these sorts of places without dieting to an unhealthy extreme. This is where vaser liposuction can really make a difference. There are cases of people getting fat removed from their knees or from under their arms and feeling like they can finally be proud of their body. It’s the little things that make a difference. Not necessarily to other people, but for the person getting the treatment it could mean finally gaining the confidence to wear what they want to wear and carry themselves with confidence.