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How Everyone Can Contribute In The Fight Against Cancer


If you want to look at the enemy of all mankind, take your attention away from politics for a second. With the elections over, it’s time to focus on the battles that all of us have a stake in regardless of our affiliations. To a lot of people, the enemy of our well-being is clear. Cancer diagnoses continue to rise in 2016, but cancer deaths are dropping. That’s down to the fight against cancer that has been going on for years. With your help, that fight can be fought even harder.


Support the science

Cancer research is the trenches where the fight for a healthier future is being fought every day. We’re seeing breakthrough after breakthrough. Inching us ever closer to more effective treatments and even cures. For example, news from HeraBioLabs.com shows an advancement against malignant brain tumors. New and rising methods like toxicology using mouse xenografts are proving our most valuable tools in fighting cancer. Yet many parts of the medical research industry still face a lot of flak from lobbyist groups and government opponents. If you want a cause to rally around, make sure that the provision for medical research and methods is one of your causes. Without it, we’re taking swings in the dark when it comes to the fight against cancer.

Support the cause

The fight against cancer is a lot more than just the science behind it, of course. It’s also the everyday work that is done with people who suffer with it. People who have beaten it. People who have lost someone to it. There are movements and organizations all over the country and the world doing their bit. They provide care, treatment, counselling and resources. They make the lives of those suffering from cancer just a bit easier. Places like the Cancersupportcommunity.org help patients and families alike. If you have spare time, take it to help the organizations in your area. Reach out to those in need of help and provide it. Not everyone has the support structures they need in their life. They could use that help.

Support the person

You also need to learn how to take the fight against cancer to the personal level. Nearly 1-in-2 people will diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. Learn how to help them cope and address the issue by being aware in advance. Be an advocate for prevention as well. Learn not only how to self-examine yourself, but teach it to other people, as well. Be a voice for healthy living, cutting out cancer risks like over-exposure to the sun, smoking and eating processed meat. Get educated and help educate your friends. Talk about the risks and the effects with those you care about. Keep the conversation on cancer going. Especially when things like awareness days provide the platform.

Every now and then, we need to take a reality check. All of mankind faces the suffering and death toll that the existence of cancer brings. Keep supporting it however you can and make sure no-one is left unaware.