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Election Results: Donald Trump Wins Swing States

All the 50 states and Washington DC voted across six different time zones to elect the 45th US president.

Many of the polling stations have closed. So far:

Image source U.S. Marine Corps

Image source U.S. Marine Corps

  • Donald Trump has projected wins in Ohio, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Mississippi, West Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, N Dakota, S Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Arkansas, Montana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida.
  • Hillary Clinton has New York, Connecticut, Vermont, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Colorado, California.

Ohio is a bellwether swing state that has backed the winner at every presidential contest except one since World War Two.

Donald Trump spent much of the end of his campaign claiming the election would be rigged – but at the moment, the New York Times is predicting he has a better chance of winning than his rival.

It also suggests Donald Trump could win enough electoral college votes to become president but lose the popular vote.