Home Business The Magical 10%: What Links The New Businesses That Actually Succeed?

The Magical 10%: What Links The New Businesses That Actually Succeed?


The world of modern business can be a very unforgiving environment. In fact, you’ve probably seen the statistics that up to 90% of all new businesses fail to achieve their goals.

But the current landscape isn’t as bad as it may seem. When a startup performs well, it can grow at a faster rate than ever before. Modern facilities form far greater opportunities for modest entrepreneurs. The best ones know how to maximize those possibilities.

Smart entrepreneurs share an array of skills and ideas. Here are some of the most salient.



A Starting Platform

For most failed startups, establishing the company proved too hard. Let’s face it; creating something from nothing isn’t easy. So perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that the vast majority of new companies struggle to make it past the one-year anniversary.

However, there are ways to build a platform before even taking those first steps. Senior home care franchise opportunities allow for entrepreneurs to build upon the success of an existing brand. Meanwhile, crowdfunding offers the opportunity to establish a fanbase and financial support in advance.

Either way, a stronger starting point can only give a business increased hopes of success. That’s something that any good entrepreneur embraces with open arms.

Long-Term Ideas

Virtually all businesses will deviate from their predicted pathway along the road to success. However, it’s important to have long-term goals as well as immediate aspirations. After all, it’s impossible to reach a destination if you aren’t targeted towards it.

As a new business, the biggest mistake is trying to focus on something that has a very short lifespan. This immediately piles on the pressure for quick success. Instead, the best startups are built for sustained success. Most successful entrepreneurs find that working on five-year plans is the ideal way to maintain balance.


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When you read an interview with any successful startup, there will almost always be special thanks reserved for the team. Quality employees are the biggest asset of any successful company. Smart entrepreneurs know that it doesn’t make sense to complete simple tasks. Not when they could be focused on more important elements. Besides, two heads are always better than one.

Direct employees aren’t the only crucial form of support. Outsourcing certain jobs can make the daily running of a company far smoother. Even if it’s embracing influencer marketing, an open mind can make a world of difference to a startup’s future. It doesn’t matter how results are achieved. The important factor is that they are accomplished.

Customer Focus

Arguably the biggest mistake that any new business owner can commit is forgetting to put the customer first. Sadly, it’s also one that far too many fall for.

Consumers deserve and expect positive interactions with the business. A smarter entrepreneur will ensure that the payment methods are designed to generate trust from the customer. They’ll also provide the necessary support before, during, and after a transaction. This is a crucial aspect of building loyal clients.

And once a business has built a strong following, it cannot go wrong.