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The Survivalist Guide Infographic


Depending on which part of the world you reside, you may have a higher chance of facing certain types of natural disasters. However, whether you have a greater risk of earthquakes, blizzards, tornadoes or hurricanes is inconsequential for some of your prep work as there are a few items that show up across the board when creating an emergency survival kit.

Adequate food and water are must-haves. Calculate the proper sustenance for each family member per day. Include enough to get through a minimum of three days and preferably upwards of a week. Next, keep that first aid kit filled and up-to-date. Have tools such as flashlights, utility knives, batteries and utensils on hand as well as extra cash in case it is impossible to withdraw money from the bank or to access online accounts. Have a pair of sturdy shoes and a jacket that are waterproof or water-resistant, as well as warm clothing that is readily available.

To learn more about other types of things you should include in your emergency kit based on the category of disaster to which you are most prone, as well as how to respond should one occur, check out the following infographic.

Survivalist Guide Infographic