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Modern Family Welcomes First Openly Trans Child Actor


Modern Family has announced it casts first openly transgender child actor.

The character debuts in this week’s episode.

The show director, Ryan Case, has tweeted to say that she is “super proud” of the episode, which is part of the Season 8.

The episode is called A Stereotypical Day and will air on September 28 on ABC.modern-family-trans-child

Parents of transgender children have posted messages on social media thanking Modern Family for “giving a voice” to their community.

In this week’s episode, same-gender couple Cameron and Mitchell allow their daughter Lily to have her transgender friend Tom over to play.

Tom is played by 8-year-old Jackson Millarker from Atlanta.

Ryan Case introduced Jackson Millarker to her followers on Instagram and Twitter.

One of the show’s stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson also tweeted his joy that Jackson Millarker was a part of the show.

Many people on social media have praised Modern Family for “breaking boundaries”.

Modern Family has won 22 Emmy awards and two of its stars are some of the highest paid actresses on US television.

Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria, topped Forbes magazine rich list in 2016 after apparently earning $52 million in 12 months.

Her co-star Julie Bowen, who plays Claire, earned $12 million and came 10th.

Transgender actors have appeared in shows like Orange Is The New Black and Nashville, but none of them have been child stars.

A trans teenager called Jazz Jennings has a reality show on TLC, called I Am Jazz.

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