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Small and Intimate Minnesota Wedding Venues


Your wedding is a special day to spend with your spouse reaffirming your love for each other and committing to a lifelong partnership. You can celebrate it however, you feel it is most appropriate. If you are not the big grand wedding type and prefer a small intimate ceremony for close family and friends, there are a couple of Minnesota wedding venues that could work great for you.

Countryside lodges


Countryside lodges are the best place to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoy a small intimate wedding with your close family and friends. The drive away from the city can land you in a serene environment that combines the best of nature and a homey lodge where you can enjoy a quiet moment with the ones you love. In the land of a thousand lakes, there are plenty of lakeside lodges where you can have a lakeside wedding enjoying the lake breezes and the canopy of lush trees.

Exclusive Hotel Ballrooms and Domes


If you do not want to make the commitment of going too far out of town, there are plenty of hotels in the major cities where you can find exclusive rooms to hold your wedding reception. These hotels provide plenty of seating and affordable menus to ensure your guests are well entertained during your reception.

Small restaurants outside city limits


Stepping outside the city is the best way to find Minnesota wedding venues that are suitable for a small group. Just a couple  mile drives outside of the city and you can find restaurants and small inns that specialize in hosting small and intimate wedding receptions. These restaurants can hold wedding parties with as little as fifty guests while making the event special and memorable. You can search for the small Inns and restaurants just outside the city limits for the best quotes for wedding ceremonies.

Yacht clubs


You can decide to take your small wedding party on a Yacht too. For a nautical themed wedding, a yacht is a perfect way to host a few guests away from the prying eyes of the public. You can ask for the yacht to be taken to a perfect little spot on the lake here you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding cities and towns. For the best experience, have a late afternoon to evening wedding when the city lights illuminate the horizon.

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