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Entertainments for a loud student company


I suppose all people remember the happiest period of time when we were students. We made a lot of crazy things without thinking of consequences. Yeah, it was a great period in my life too when everything was so easy and I enjoyed every second of my life. It is a time when the most popular request to Google was “essay help online”. You know, I remembered how I and my friends spent time together and decided to share with you this experience. You will be able to become ideas generator in your company. And when you will hear the question, “Guys, what our plans for today?” without any doubts you will immediately offer some ideas. Be ready to know all secrets of great time spending!article_entertainment1

Money doesn’t matter if you are creative!


Communication is very important for us. It helps us to be happy and to feel that someone is always near. That’s why friends play a great role in our life. I think you agree with that even when your friend does something silly, you just accept it and sometimes support to show that you think in the same way. When my friend wanted to miss the lesson and I wanted to stay, I always supported her and we escaped from the college. But it is a very bad experience so forget about it. Students as no one else know how to enjoy free time! But sometimes scholarship doesn’t let us spend a time in Soho style. Good news: there a lot of ways how to enjoy time together without spending a huge amount of money. You should just be creative!

TOP 6 the best ideas of spending time with friends!


Home theatre

Yes, I know that you aren’t surprised and you can say that it is the most ordinary and usual way of spending time. But now I want to show you which details can make it creative and original. You can also ask me why home theater, why not a cinema?

Home theater VS Cinema:

  • At home, you can choose film or funny cartoon by yourself. To make it more interesting offer your friends to draw lots, it will make a choosing process interesting!
  • At home, you can find a lot of snacks or prepare something together!
  • You can express your emotions, discuss or comment a film

Final decision: Home Theatre is a winner!article_entertainment2


It’s time to remember board games!

Make a travel in childhood and remember your favorite board games! Such games will be ideal for loud companies and nobody will be bored (belive me, I checked it!). Everybody will be involved in the competition and you will feel some childish aura and that’s great!article_entertainment3


The king of cooking!

Offer your friends a cooking party. Invite them but with one condition: everyone should bring the dish he prepared. And in the end, you can choose a winner!



While planning a picnic we should know some tips to prepare a great picnic.

  • Snacks
  • Music
  • Games

Remember this simple tips and it will be the best picnic in your life!



Be discoverers!

Sounds rather interesting, doesn’t it? Discover unknown places in your city! I am sure that even if you live in this town for a long time there are a lot of places you have never visited! Take your friends and with help of special maps which show such unknown places, become real discoverers!article_entertainment4


Party like a rockstar!


What can be better than a beach party? In my opinion, it is the best way to have a real fun with your friends!

3 steps to organizing a perfect beach party:

  1. Buy as many snacks as possible and don’t forget about drinks!
  2. Choose an appropriate beach
  3. Invite your friends!

You should just be careful with choosing an appropriate beach. Now you are ready to prepare the best party in your life!article_entertainment5

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