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3 Creative and Useful Things Your Company Can Do with Cloud Webcasting Tools

More and more companies are switching over to new technology such as video conferencing and cloud based storage, allowing for their offices to run much more smoothly and productively in the process. But it can still be annoying to sign up and pay for a dozen different services and constantly switch between them. What many still don’t realise is that there are many programs available which combine two or more functions into one monthly subscription service. Cloud webcasting is just one of them. Many of these online programs are only available through download, but some use cloud technology for ease of access, and also utilize cloud storage. Here are three benefits it can have for your company, clients, and customers:

  1. Product Launches

A press conference or launch of a new product or service no longer needs to be restricted to a boring meeting or sending out press release documents to journalists in the hope that somebody will read them. Webcasting to dozens, and even hundreds, of attendees all at once can enable you to reach a wider audience from day one of your product entering the market. You can both make a good impression and save your company money in having to lay things out for journalists.

The option of playing video clips during your presentation only benefits launches further. Many systems will allow you to upload a clip and play it during the meeting for all attendees to view in real time. The meeting host can even pause or speak over the video with more robust platforms. There are many advantages to this approach. Just some of them, listed by Shutterstock, are telling engaging stories, keeping the audience’s attention, and increasing the chance of sales. There are many creative things you can do with an online product launch, such as playing case studies or footage of satisfied customers. Or you could invite other experts in the field as guest speakers for the presentation. Even sharing the video files with attendants is more memorable than simply sending out a press release document.

Image source Wikimedia

Image source Wikimedia

  1. Job Interviews

The work place today is expanding beyond the office and going global, with many companies hiring employees all over the world and working from their own homes in order to cut expenses. While there are always advantages to meeting and working together in person, you can still reach people in another location through online conferencing and open up your hiring options to more than just your direct area. If you only need someone for a short term job or on a freelance basis, virtual hiring saves time and effort. Video job interviews are an ideal way to do this. A cloud webcasting tool such as BlueJeans makes it easy. You can not only conduct the interview, but you can also save it in cloud storage to look back on and consider your potential candidates.

Interviews are a stressful event for the jobseeker, so being able to conduct them from their own home will enable them to be more relaxed and focused on your questions. They can even play their own clips, perhaps their video resume or a show reel for people in the entertainment industry. Even if you are still hiring only in your own town, online interviews still open up a lot of options that the traditional interview doesn’t allow for.

  1. Seminars

A useful but often overlooked marketing tool is online seminars. These are short presentations lasting a few hours at a time conducted using webcasting tools, in which invited guests can access the talk and sometimes even attend a Q & A session. Many businesses owners have already used them to increase their sales. For instance, if you sell an information product, you can share some of your tips through a webinar, answer customer questions through the question and answer session, and mention at the end that they can access more in depth information through your product. Much like playing clips during a product launch, it allows you to engage with your core customer base, increase your chance of making sales, and share useful information about your product or service.

Customers today don’t like to feel that they are being directly sold to and have started to switch off from traditional marketing methods. Sharing some useful information through a webinar is an ideal way around this, essentially giving your customers a free sample of what you provide. It makes your company name more memorable so that the target market is more likely to buy.


Businesses and individuals are thinking up creative uses for their webcasting tools every day. As the technology develops further, these uses will only increase. They will make working, hiring, and selling even easier. Try out some of these and think of some more creative solutions to your work problems that can be solved by online cloud based conferencing.

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