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Welcome to Philadelphia


If you are interested in what Philadelphia has to offer, look no further than checking out what veteran real estate developer Adrian Rubin has to say. A longtime resident of Philadelphia, PA, Adrian Rubin has spent years deepening his knowledge on all things Philly, and not just in real estate. Indeed, one only needs to converse with the friendly, outgoing man for a couple of minutes to be convinced that Philadelphia is truly a city that many people would not hesitate to call their home.

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If You Like Food, Philly is for You

Adrian Rubin has a list of what kinds of food a guest should not miss when visiting his beloved city. One is the world famous Philly Cheese Steak at Tony Luke’s. A local favorite, Tony Luke’s serves authentic Philly sandwiches like the Roast Pork, Chicken Cutlet Italian, Roast Pork Italian, Chicken Cheese Steak and Uncle Mike (its vegetarian option which includes broccoli, spinach, and fried onions doused in marinara sauce). A quick scan at the long lines would confirm that Tony Luke’s knows their sandwiches. After a main course of hearty sandwiches, guests should move on to another not-to-miss treat, crepes. Philadelphia is the home of many different kinds of crepes with all kinds of fillings and toppings: fresh cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup, you name it.

Philly’s Best Spots Keep You Entertained

Being an expert real estate developer, Adrian Rubin would not hesitate to tell the whole world that his beloved Philadelphia is also home to various museums and art galleries that never fail to inspire even a longtime resident. High on the list is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the third largest museum in the United States. Handsome and stately, this museum is located at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and contains important treasures like paintings by El Greco, Japanese and Korean art, heiress Eleanore Elkins Rice’s drawing room from the Gilded Age complete with French furniture and eighteenth century textiles, plus a collection of Presidential china containing a Chinese ginger jar which belonged to George Washington as well as a cup and saucer used in Air Force One during the Reagan administration. For those who are interested in looking at bold contemporary art can check out the Pentimenti Gallery, which features abstract pieces as well as public art projects. Ceramic, jewelry and fiber arts can be enjoyed at the Snyderman-Works Gallery, which also exhibits studio furniture and glass sculptures. Families with young children who are interested in science can also visit the Bakken Museum, which features “Ben Franklin’s Electricity Party” which allows visitors to create a mini hail storm to explain static electricity. There are also the Philadelphia Zoo and Adventure Aquarium, attractions that are suitable for all ages.

Philadelphia is the Next Big Thing

Unlike its more well-known east coast neighboring cities, Philadelphia is a city that still has plenty of room of grow. This translates into cheaper real estate prices, and Adrian Rubin is the real estate professional to help you find your piece of heaven in Philly. Adrian Rubin is also passionate about keeping his beloved Philadelphia sustainable and affordable to middle and lower income families, and he is on his way to establish his own non-government organization to make it happen.