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Issues Americans May Face if Donald Trump is Elected President

There is a very real chance that Donald Trump is going to become the next President of the United States. And, if this happens, there are going to be significant repercussions for everyone. You need to make sure you prepare for what might occur if this happens. These are a few of the ways the country could be affected if Trump becomes President.


If you are living in the USA, but you aren’t a naturalised citizen, Trump may well want you deported. This is a very real risk for a lot of US residents if he becomes President. However, you will have grounds to fight a final deportation or removal order. A lot of the time changes in legislation will need to be debated in Congress, and it’s possible the state could reject Trump’s legislation. However, this is something that you need to make sure you prepare for in case it affects you.

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Becoming a Laughing Stock

One of the dangers we all face as Americans is becoming a laughing stock of Trump ascends to power. Remember when Jesse Ventura became 38th Governor of Minnesota? Or when Arnie was elected Governor of California? Right, well it will be worse than those two occasions. Much worse. Donald Trump is now almost a caricature of himself. The rest of the world views him as a joke, and if he becomes our leader, we may well be viewed the same way. We have so long been seen as a great superpower of the world, but all that could change if we get a cartoon President.Photo

Economic Downturn

We might also have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of man economic downturn. We’ve had two terms under Obama, and, if Trump takes to office, he is going to want to make big changes. Such a drastic change of direction could lead to a noticeable economic downturn for some time. Especially as Trump is taking an anti-immigration stance. Immigrants provide a pivotal role in the economy of the United States. Indeed, immigrants contribute to over 14% of the US economy. If Trump gets his way and gets rid of the immigrants, then we could see the economy suffer for a while.

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Spike in Crime

Trump would likely become the most reckless President due to his volatile opinions and incendiary comments. Because of the racist and bigoted views championed by Trump, he has given a voice to unsavoury characters. This means that if he is inaugurated, we can expect to see a huge spike in crime for the first couple of months. People will take to the streets in outrage, while others will use it as a catalyst to air their questionable beliefs and ideals. This is likely to lead to confrontation, rally’s, and hate crime dominating for much of the first few weeks and months. This may well not happen, of course. But, it is the most likely outcome for the country. A spike in crime is something that usually follows political unrest and defining moments in the country’s history.

If the unthinkable should happen, and Trump is elected, it could be a monumental moment in American history. The fallout will be significant, and there is no way of knowing what the future holds. One thing is for sure, and that is that many people may regret their decision when push comes to shove.