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5 Reasons That Prove Your Company Sucks At Selling Online


Many entrepreneurs assume that once they start selling online, they’ll make easy profits. Alas, if only life were so simple and straightforward! People that run successful e-commerce sites will tell you that it took a lot of hard work to get where they are.

It’s not unusual for online stores to not do so well. If that sounds familiar, you might be wondering where you are going wrong! Here are five reasons why your company sucks at selling online:

1. Your site is not user-friendly

Do your web pages have too much “going on” in them? If your content flow isn’t simple and easy, chances are your visitors will go elsewhere. You need to remember that your content should get designed with humans in mind. And not just search engines!

2. It looks spammy

The ugly truth about e-commerce is that many people pack their product pages with spam. You can tell that the content is spammy because of the way some sentences don’t make sense. Or certain phrases seem to get repeated about 100 times in five paragraphs!

3. You haven’t got a clue about online security

How would you feel if I asked you to write your credit card details on a piece of paper and mail them to me? You’d laugh and perhaps ask me if I am joking, right? Believe it or not, many online retailers don’t take online security seriously! All e-commerce sites should use SSL encryption and a trusted payment processor.

4. Your site doesn’t work on a mobile phone

Responsive web design isn’t just about making Google happy. It’s actually about ensuring a rich and easy to follow user experience for people.

5. It doesn’t work at all

Do your customers get errors or directed to the wrong content on your site? If so, people will seldom buy from you unless you fix those errors. Of course, those aren’t the only reasons your site might suck. Here are some more below in this infographic:

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