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How These 7 Australian Innovations Changed The World As We Know It

Australia is a country famous for many things such as the weather and more relaxed way of life. It’s also an island nation rich with culture and history. But, what you may not know is that it’s also a country that boasts plenty of innovation!

1. Black Box Data Recorder

All airliners carry a “black box” data recorder that gets analyzed if a crash occurs. It got developed back in 1961 by Dave Warren, an Australian scientist.

2. Cervical Cancer Vaccines

A vaccine that helps to prevent cervical cancer got developed by Professor Ian Frazer. Cervical cancer is the world’s second-leading cause of cancer death in women.

3. Wi-Fi

You might think that wireless networking is an American innovation. But, it actually got invented by an Australian, John O’ Sullivan, back in 1992.

4. The Ultrasound Scanner

Ultrasounds are useful tools to help doctors diagnose medical conditions and treat them. The technology got developed in 1976 by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

5. The Electric Drill

Believe it or not, the electrical drill first got invented in Australia in the 19th century! It was developed by an engineer named Arthur James Arnot back in 1889.

6. Plastic Banknotes

Most of the world’s currency gets printed on paper. The world’s first nation to use polymer (plastic) banknotes was Australia. The country adopted polymer banknotes in 1988.

7. Combine Harvester

Some of you might know that the combine harvester was an American concept. But, an Australian company turned it into a commercially successful machine in 1885. Australians are quite the pioneers when it comes to agriculture, as the infographic below depicts:

Infographic Credit To Farm Machinery Finance