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3 Profitable Business Areas You Should Get Started In


Thousands of businesses are started every single year, to varying degrees of success. With worldwide economies slowing, or slumping – especially after Brexit – we need these businesses. We need them to create new jobs, opportunities and financial systems.

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So, it’s important to keep that creative spark alive. We need new companies and entrepreneurs to provide that economic jump start that we can’t provide by ourselves. So, here are five businesses areas that would prove to be a popular investment for you – if executed well.


Training to be a plumber, electrician or other form of skilled worker will take time, but can turn very profitable. Everyday people will always need these skills, and that means you’ll have a steady supply of work from which to fuel our company?

But how do you get started? Firstly, you need to learn the relevant skills. Night school, college or even videos, like the ones found at https://www.youtube.com, could help. Next, you must set up as a sole trader with the government, and get a license to perform this kind of work. Now it’s just a case of building up a reputation.

It’s not unreasonable for handymen to earn a high 5-figure salary, and even more if you build a team. You could bring on an apprentice, or even rent out an office space.


Even though you may think your local area is pretty dull, to visiting guests, it’s a whole new experience. And fortunately, it’s an experience you could charge for!

Plenty of people run hotels out of their homes – that’s a good place to start. Next, look into your best local attractions. If you have a historical site, enquire about permits and see if you can lead tours. If you have a lake, invest in a boat or car carrier, like the ones offered by http://www.nautisnp.com. Suddenly, you can run water tours!

People love to pay for this stuff, and even better – you can charge a lot for it. A simple lake tour won’t cost you much at all, but the returns can be staggering. Again, just ensure you have permission to operate on that stretch of land, and there’s no reason to not get started.


In 2016, literally anyone can start a blog. In fact, you could start a free WordPress blog today and turn it profitable within a year. Of course, it’s not quite that easy, but the possibility is still there.

It’s a simple case of picking your branding, first of all. There are millions of sites out there already, so look to make a big, bold statement. Next, you need to choose a CMS – WordPress is free, but limited. Squarespace is another great option. Run some free trials and see which you prefer.

Next, ensure your content is engaging and SEO-compliant. You can use a tool like Yoast SEO for this, or run down Google’s algorithms.

Now, begin to grow your audience by using social media, link building and guest blogging. It’s not unreasonable to gain hundreds of thousands of hits a month within a couple of years.

So, in summary, we need people like you. People who’ll read this post, become inspired and start something great. The news about our economy is never good, it seems. But you could be the one to change that.