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Super Sexy Lingerie – Lingerie for that Special Night


There comes, once in a while, an urge to relive certain beautiful, romantic moments. It may be with a current partner and you want to recreate old memories, or with someone new and you are feeling apprehensive. It may be with someone you have just fallen in love with, and you want that first time to be truly special. Whatever the reason for this special night, the most important thing is that you want it to be a night full of romance. Everyone hungers for romance and hardly anyone has enough. But if you can create a truly special night full of love and romantic fire, that spark may just be enough to turn your love and sex life around for good.

The thought of a night to remember, usually brings to mind a woman in super sexy lingerie, the ambiance of a dimly lit room, a bottle of sparkling wine and some exotic fruits on display. But things don’t always work out that beautifully for the majority of women, because most ladies are just too shy to step into the role of the seductive female.

It is a psychological block that prevents her from truly abandoning her ‘real self’ and taking up a more romantic or seductive personality. Unfortunately, this inability of many women to step into a ‘new role’ dampens the male ardor, and the relationship suffers as a result. On the other hand, if a woman could slip into super sexy lingerie, and simply ‘act the part’, then her lover’s desire for her will be uncontrollable, and his ardor, inexhaustible.


The Role of a Super Sexy Lingerie

Some lingerie are just too plain, conservative or simply have no edge to them. This is mostly the result of their design, or mis-design, of not accentuating a woman’s best qualities. Super sexy lingerie highlights parts of a woman’s femininity, while maintaining either a partial or a total veiling of the other parts of her body.

There is a deep seated desire in every man to finish up what he started, and to also see those remaining, veiled parts of her body. This desire is what ignites the flame of male passion. Super sexy lingerie therefore is suggestive and revealing, inviting a man inside and giving him enough space to explore her body. At the same time, the lingerie is also restrictive, forbidding easy visual or physical access to certain ‘taboo’ zones. This is what gets a man’s blood pumping, because it ignites that ancient hunter and conqueror instinct in him.


A Night that Changed History

It is 48 B.C., over 2,000 years ago, the Roman empire is the most powerful empire on earth, and Julius Caesar, the most powerful man in the world. Ptolemy XIV of Egypt has just managed to get rid of his sister and wife, Queen Cleopatra VII. He exiled her and made provisions to prevent her from ever returning to Egypt. Egypt is currently independent, but loyal to Rome, so Julius Caesar came to Alexandria this year to secure this loyalty. While in a meeting in the palace, Caesar receives a gift from a merchant, a rolled-up carpet, which the merchant carried on his shoulders. Expecting this present to be a rug, Caesar orders him to approach. So the merchant enters the court and rolls out the carpet, revealing a half-clothed Cleopatra who was hidden inside. She gently steps up like a goddess and as she started to speak, Julius Caesar fell under her spell and they became lovers that very night.

Love Lessons From Egypt’s Last Pharaoh

There are a few lessons any woman can learn from Cleopatra, the last active Pharaoh of Egypt and history’s most notorious seducer of great and powerful men:

– Subtlety
When the carpet was unrolled before Caesar, she was recorded as being ‘half-clothed’, probably a reference to a super sexy lingerie. Over 2,000 years ago, this 21 year old Queen perfectly understood the lingerie principle of enticement and restriction. A woman should offer a lot romantically, but not everything, and this is the lesson. You have to make him come and get the rest.

– Confidence
As a queen who was unguarded, she took great risks to come to Julius Caesar that way. But that confidence, and her confident attitude towards him, her confident seductive dressing and her famous low-toned, but confident voice, all helped to make Julius Caesar fall madly in love with her that fateful night. A confident woman is a woman who has totally accepted herself as she is, including her vulnerabilities, but remains courageous enough to move on with life.

– Hot & Cold
As with the enticement and restrictiveness of her clothing, Queen Cleopatra also had a hot & cold attitude, otherwise known as coquetry. Although most women use coquetry on men, from time to time, to get what they want, they never really get quite hot. It is more like cold & colder by the majority of ladies. Cleopatra not only dressed provocatively, she also actively courted and excited Caesar, regularly taking the active role in their encounters, before falling back into her feminine self and letting him devour her with all his tempestuous passions.


To assure success on that special night, the super sexy lingerie to wear is something that you can be totally comfortable expressing yourself in. It should be both enticing and revealing, while being restrictive at the ‘hot zones’. Babydolls do come to mind, but you are free to make your own choice. Just make sure that it is subtly sensual and not too overt. Then turn up your self-assurance and give him some heat.

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