Fashion is ever evolving at a faster and faster pace. What people used to wear 50 years ago is completely different from what people wear now. With global warming and climate changes, the earth has become hotter. This means a general change from heavier, warmer clothing to lighter, cooler clothing.

It is not unusual to find both women and men dressed in minimal clothing, especially in hot climates. This tendency is seen in women more than in men. Bikinis are not a new thing; they have been there for some time now. The fashion revolution means that after bikinis, something else had to arrive, or rather compete with bikini underwear. A new piece of lingerie was born called the “micro thong” that highlights the feminine body while covering the little but the private areas.

Micro thongs can be worn as seduction wear in the bedroom. They add to the sensual experience and can ignite fireworks. With the help of a micro thong, a woman can make a bold impression with minimal effort.  If you surprise your sweetheart on his birthday or on your anniversary by adorning yourself with a micro thong, I promise you, you won’t regret it.

It’s the power of thong that makes the women wearing them sexy and irresistible. Micro thongs are made in contemporary fashion designs that make a woman’s body appear more charming, attractive and just plain sexy. They can be found in sizes extra small up through plus sizes. In some cases they are one-size-fits most, with long tie side ribbons, or adjustable sliders on the side. This feature makes them easy to wear. And easy to remove when needed!

The evolution of the micro thong is an interesting one. At first, they thongs were seen as too daring and revealing, but with time became in vogue. They became overwhelmingly popular in the 1990s. They offer sexiness without shyness. It is common to view music videos, especially Hip-hop music videos, showing women wearing thongs.

Micro thongs and made in many colors and designs. Thongs are meant to bring out the element of free spirit by awakening the female libido. They are meant for adventurous women who want to conquer the unconquered. They bring out her flirtatious, playful and fun loving side. It must be taken into account that there is something for everyone –  a particular style thong for a particular woman. One can be deceived by pictures of models online or in magazines and want the same exact same styles. Modifications can however be made to meet the customers’ needs and tastes.

I was inspired to design micro thongs after watching a sensual movie that had models showcasing their toned bodies in these styles. We manufacture ours using the soft, sheer fabrics and stitching with classy finishing. They are of ingenious designer quality and quite unique, coupled with sheer elegance. Among the fabrics used are silk, rayon, cotton, and nylon/spandex. They make the women feel stunning, and will turn heads wherever they go.

Any woman’s desire is to look good for her man. Men like to be treated like kings. And women love to be treated like princesses. To bring passion into a relationship, especially in the bedroom, a spark is needed. It is usually women who buy their own sexy lingerie. It would be a welcome surprise if a man were to buy his better half a sexy micro thong. Such a intimate gift promotes romantic feelings and makes a woman feel adored.