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Energy Efficient Solutions for your Eco-friendly Office


In 2016, we will witness many businesses becoming eco-friendly and turning their offices green. There are a couple of reasons why you should decide to do the same. First of all, you would aid in preserving the nature and making the world a better place. Besides this, you would be able to use your eco-credentials as a selling point with customers who are concerned about the environment and want to do business with companies who share their feelings. Making your office eco-friendly is not easy, and if you decide to do so, make sure you take a look at the following solutions.

Eco-Friendly Office

Use Less Paper

An easy change you can make in your office in order to make it more eco-friendly is trying to cut on your paper usage. You can do this by switching to a Cloud-based software. There are many Cloud apps like eSlip that allow you to create, track and send receipts and invoices electronically, without having to use paper. Other apps like Soon allow employees to share any files back and forth on their devices without having to print anything. Make sure you use apps like this and you will never have the need to print anything in your office.

Be Careful about Lighting

How you light up your office affects your mood but it also heavily affects environment. LED lights are favorite among people who are concerned for the nature. When using LED light bulbs you can reduce your energy consumption by 80-90%. Not to mention that these can last around 100,000 hours. All of this makes them much better and greener solution than a standard bulb. Standard turn only 5-10% of its consumed energy into light while the rest simply goes out as heat. You should also make sure that you use as much natural light as you can. Keep your blinds open during the whole day and consider installing additional window or two.

Eco-Friendly OfficeCarefully Design Your Office

The way you design your office may also have a huge impact on the environment. First of all you have to make sure you use most out of the windows in your office. Do not place anything in front of the window that can block natural light. Also, be sure to choose efficient doors and windows that will not allow heat to come in during the summer and retain it in the office during the winter. This way you will spend less energy trying to cool or heat the place. You should also be careful when choosing furniture. You should try to get furniture from an eco-friendly manufacturer. Turn to JP Office WorkStations if you want to get office furniture from a business that shares your concerns about the environment.

Eliminate All the Energy Vampires

When you are not using PC, phone chargers or other devices you should make sure they are unplugged. All of these devices are commonly referred to as energy vampires – appliances that draw energy simply by being plugged in. What you can do is install a timer on the appliances in your office so you can turn them off in the evening or during the weekends when you are not there. When trying to preserve the nature, all the energy you manage to save counts, so doing this does help a lot and you should encourage your employees and colleagues to do the same.

Eco-Friendly Office


When it comes to preserving the nature, any effort you make counts and aids in making the world a better place. Make sure you take all of these things in consideration if you want to make your office green.

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