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Weird Things You Should Know About Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill Before Seeing Batman VS Superman


Before going to see the new Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice film why not read some facts about the main characters of the film? Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are hugely famous actors and there are various rumours going around about both of them. Here is an extensive list of weird things that are true and that anyone should know before seeing their new film.

Blackjack Fan

Most people have already heard that Ben Affleck made headlines for getting banned from the blackjack table at a very popular casino in Las Vegas. Since then he has confirmed that the incident was a true story. Apart from blackjack Ben Affleck doesn’t indulge in any other gambling. If you’re looking to master a game like Ben Affleck, he simply took some time to learn about the game and became such a good player that the casino thought he was counting cards.Batman v Superman weird things

To Be Or Not To Be

Those who are Twilight fans may already know this by Henry Cavill Was actually first choice to portray Edward Cullen. Stephenie Meyer did not picture Robert Pattinson as her ideal Edward Cullen, the only actor she imagined playing her beloved character was in fact Henry Cavill. As well as being Stephenie Meyer’s first choice he could have been a leading man in many other popular films including Batman Begins, James Bond and even Superman Returns but lucked out to other actors.

Work It Out

To be as physically fit as Batman, Ben Affleck began an intense two hour a day workout regimen the day after he was cast as Batman in 2013. Henry Cavill also had to work just as hard to portray Superman, he endured many phases with the most extensive being the bulking phase. For Henry Cavill to achieve his physique for Superman in the bulking phase he centred on Olympic weight lifting movements, a very complex system but with many effective lifts that build muscle, strength and power.


Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are extremely multi-talented actors. Both of them can speak a few languages fluently. Ben Affleck can speak Spanish and French. It was first rumoured that Henry Cavill could speak up to 9 different languages fluently. However the actual truth is that he is actually only fluent in 4 languages including English, French, Spanish and Italian. It seems that Batman and Superman aren’t all that different in their talents.

Always A Superhero

As well as Ben Affleck playing Batman he has been a superhero many times including Superman and Daredevil. In his role as Daredevil he tried doing as many of his own stunts as possible feeling that it would add more credibility to the film. In the 2003 version of Daredevil Ben Affleck also had four other stunt doubles each one with a different speciality such as fighting and wire works. Henry Cavill has previously played Superman in Man of Steel, and reprised his character in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, a film not to be missed.

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