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Todd Palin Injured in Snowmobile Crash in Alaska


Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd Palin, has been injured in a snowmobile crash in Alaska.

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate had canceled an appearance at a campaign event for Donald Trump in Florida.

However, Sarah Palin appeared at the event on March 14, citing “real life issues that happen” as a reason to back Donald Trump.

In January Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump in the race to be Republican presidential candidate.

A statement from the Trump campaign described the accident as “bad” and said Todd Palin was in hospital.

A former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin retired in favor of a media career, but remains an influential conservative voice.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

On March, Republicans and Democrats vote in primaries in several states including Florida and Ohio.

Sarah Palin made appearances on Donald Trump’s behalf at two events on March 13.

“Governor Palin wishes her best to Mr. Trump in the upcoming primaries,” the Trump campaign said.

Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook page: “Todd is our rock… toughest guy I know. Thank you for your prayers as he recovers following a snowmachine accident last night. You know, your prayers have meant so much to our family over the years and I’ve not thanked you enough for providing us that shield of faith. God bless you, too!

As any adventurous Alaskan knows, while you may be down, you’re never out. I remember Chris Kyle summed up Todd best – “He’s Rambo. Straight up Rambo!” On the cross country flights taking me back home now, I’m thinking of all of you, and sincerely appreciating your support.

It was an honor to be with so many patriotic Floridians the past two days; you remind me that when “life happens” and we face challenges as individuals and a nation, it’s the strength in unity and a strong faith that let us overcome. Stay strong! ??????

The Palins”

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