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Interesting Ways Hospitals Are Trying To Increase Productivity



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Hospitals often come in for a lot of stick because they seem unproductive. You have long waiting times and, when you’re a patient, it feels like nothing ever gets done. This is not the case, of course, things are getting done in hospitals, and they’re trying to be more productive.

In fact, I did a bit of research and figured out how they aim to do just that:

Scientific Research

Hospitals rely on scientific research a lot. It’s the only way that cures get found, drugs get created, and diseases can be treated. Without it, there would be a lot of doctors running around trying to figure out what to do. Imagine a hospital with no drugs or treatment for patients? It would be madness. But, luckily, there have been great strides in medical research over the years. More drugs are being developed, and more cures are being found. This means that doctors can treat more diseases, and help more patients. So, they can be more productive as a result of this. Naturally, as the research continues to improve, hospitals will become even more productive.

Quicker Information

Technology makes everyone more productive, and it’s extremely effective in hospitals. On a daily basis, hospitals will use various pieces of technology to remain productive and get more things done on time. For example, they use new x-ray tech that lets them analyse results within seconds. Similarly, they use Radiology Information Systems to help keep track of things in the radiology department. Likewise, doctors keep patient records in online files, so it’s easier for them to obtain. If a patient is transferred to a new hospital, the doctors there can get their records in just a few moments. Life is considerably easier for hospital workers because of the use of technology in the workplace.

Social Media For Doctors

Following on from the point about quicker information, doctors are also using social media to exchange info. Of course, it’s against the law for them to discuss patients on regular sites like Twitter or Facebook. Instead, there are social networking sites that have been created specifically for doctors to use. The only way you’ll be able to access these sites is if you’re a registered doctor. On them, they can speak to one another about certain cases and ask for help to solve them. It means that one doctor is now being helped by numerous other doctors, while still doing their work. While they’re off seeing a patient, loads of doctors from all over the country could be on social media solving the problem they asked. The end result is this; doctors are solving more cases, and in quicker times too. So, productivity increases.


Much is made of the way doctors and nurses work during the day. The scheduling patterns are tough and awkward, but they’re trying to change that. Hospitals are looking for new ways to schedule their staff for shifts. The aim is to ensure the place is fully staffed at all times, and there’s no waiting period between shifts.

As you can see, hospitals are trying to improve productivity. It’s not easy, but they’re trying their best to provide top of the range healthcare to patients.