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Three Ways to Put Your Best Foot Forward with the Perfect Socks


You’ll be surprised to know shoppers in U.S alone spend billions of dollars every year on men’s socks. But one clothing accessory that is not given attention by men is socks. Did you know feet are one of the most perspiring parts of your body? Majority of men feel this hidden accessory is not very important, although they may have an excellent collection of socks in all shades and designs. They automatically reach out to navy blue or black socks all the time. However, it’s high time they realized socks are also an important part of their dressing that needs to be given importance as being fashionable calls for attention to each and every minute detail of your dressing.


Bear in mind the fact that mismatched socks can ruin your entire outfit regardless of how smart and well-dressed you appear. The perfect outfit is complete only when the VKNagrani pair of designer men’s socks you wear goes well with your pants and not shoes!

Wearing brown shoes and socks with black pants is a real blunder that’s easily noticed. Instead adorning something bold and pleasing-to-the-eye pair of socks can really turn heads in your direction. Although you may be under the impression socks are just a minute part of your fashionable dressing, bear in mind one who pays attention to the infinitesimal detail will stand out in the crowd. Mastering the art of wearing the perfect pair of socks for every dress, not only depends on your attire, but also on what occasion you are dressed for.



There are those who take the extra effort to ensure they adorn the right kind of socks for sporting activities. But there are people who come to the gym in the very same socks they had been to work for the entire day. Since your main criterion is wearing something that’s comfortable and absorb sweat well. This implies thick cotton socks would be ideal for sporting activities. Once the practical side is dealt with, you can think about the fashion side. Ankle length socks are the trend these days and they go extremely well with shorts. It is better to avoid tube length socks except while playing soccer or along with track suits.



An informal outing like a visit to the mall or to the bar calls for the most flexible options for socks. This is not surprising; as informal outings present an opportunity to show your personality through your clothes. This means you can don any kind of socks you want. If you’re not sure where to start, keep in mind a few guidelines:

  • Since a casual outing does not involve exhausting activities, you probably don’t require a very thick pair of socks. It is advisable to settle for cotton here, too, as nylon socks can hold in perspiration, leaving you uncomfortable and smelly.
  • Woolen socks are great in the cold weather, but their heat-retaining properties work too well in warm weather. Wear cotton if you’re going someplace warm, and save the wool for winter.
  • The length of socks depends on your pants length. Long socks are ideal for long pants while ankle length ones are perfect for shorts. It is advisable to adorn colored socks for informal occasions and defer from wearing white at any cost.
  • When in doubt, wear socks that match the color of your shoes or shirt. For a trendy look, you can also venture out in patterned socks that go well with the overall color of your pants or shirt.
  • Don’t be afraid of color or pattern! There are so many fun and whimsical socks for men out there, it would be a shame not to try them. If you’re breaking out of the all-black or all-white habit, start with something like a neutral stripe or polka dot. There are even fun socks for hobbies and interests, such as golf, comic books, and food.
  • There is almost no reason in the world to wear socks with sandals in everyday life. This is such a big no-no that it makes nearly every Dos-and-Don’ts list. Even worse is to wear socks with sandals and shorts! Don’t be “that” guy.

Formal Outings


If you are dressing up for a formal outing like a job interview or a wedding, then conservative dressing is advised. As strenuous activity is almost insignificant on such occasions, you can wear nylon socks or any other thin material. Length of socks, as always, depends on the length of your pants, preferably falling anywhere between your shin and below your knee. Bold colors are still okay, but make sure they make sense with the theme of the event. The best options are socks that go with your shoes or pants, presenting a long continuous line when seen. A subtle pattern may be passable, but save the hula girl socks for your off-time.

You have a wonderful range of options while shopping for men’s socks for different occasions. Socks are an inevitable accessory to any attire. It is high time you paid attention to this small but significant accessory that’s guaranteed to have a positive effect on your overall dressing.

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