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Israel Summer Programs – Why Spending Your Summer in Israel is a Great Idea


You work very hard during the school year, focusing on your school work and balancing it against the extracurricular activities, such as sports, music and other hobbies, as well as social life. All of these things make up who you are! Guidance counselors and college acceptance manuals state that well-rounded individuals, who show that they excel not only in the academic work but also in other domains of their lives, have a better chance of getting into a college of their choice. Summer academic programs further signal to prospective schools and employers of your dedication to learning new things.  On the other hand, after a long academic year, who doesn’t deserve a break? Students need to hit a refresh button and get ready to start a new school year or their first job out of high school or college with replenished energy reserves, excitement and a relaxed body and mind. So how is it possible to use summertime to further your education and career goals while having meaningful experiences, meeting new friends and giving your brain and your body a chance to rest? The answer is to spend your summer in an amazing, diverse and dynamic place while learning about its history and politics and gaining academic credit. In other words, choose one of Israel summer programs for high school students.

Israel is amazing at any time of the year. But summer is really special here. During the summer the country comes alive with special events and festivals that create truly authentic and immersive experiences for study-abroad program participants.

Most Israel summer programs, programs last for about 6 weeks and allow participants to learn Israel’s rich history where it really happened. Israel itself becomes the classroom with lectures held on the beach, in the mountains, or on a hiking trail. Outdoors class time is supplemented with fun activities, be it swimming in the Mediterranean, Red and Dead seas, kayaking, attending concerts of local and visiting bands, volunteering, visiting outstanding Israeli startups, tasting Israeli foods, exploring outdoor food markets and just hanging out in Israeli cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa.

Both students of the Jewish descent and those with a different cultural heritage will create a special bond with Israel, learn about the incredible diversity in this land, as well as a unique geopolitical situation, and how everyday life in Israel is very much different from that portrayed in the media. Students have the chance to meet and engage with Jews, Arabs, Ethiopians, Bedouins, Druze and other ethnic groups that make Israel into a fascinating melting pot. Israel, which is the size of New Jersey, has a wealth of landscapes — the desert, mountains, wetlands, endless beaches and the Dead Sea, the lowest inland point on Earth, all of which will impress even the most seasoned traveler.

Learning about Israel’s past, analyzing the current political climate and building predictions for the future in the region create an excellent learning opportunity, as well as provide on-the-ground explanations for those interested in Middle Eastern politics and culture. Israel summer abroad programs create an immersive experience that creates life opportunities, from assistance in the college admissions process to gaining independence and learning subjects that may influence academic and career decisions.

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