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Caitlyn Jenner Sued For Fatal Car Crash


Caitlyn Jenner has been sued by Hummer crash victims in a new lawsuit from last February’s fatal accident.

The reality star, then known Bruce Jenner, caused a chain-reaction accident on Pacific Coast Highway after hitting a Lexus driven by Kim Howe and sending it into oncoming traffic.

Kim Howe’s car was then hit by a Hummer, leading to her death.

While Kim Howe’s family already has a suit against Bruce Jenner pending, as does the driver of a Prius Jenner struck after first hitting the Lexus, the reality star is now being sued by the occupants of the Hummer.

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The Wolf-Millesi family says they had five relatives in the Hummer, all of whom were injured physically and emotionally as a result of the crash. One family member claims to have suffered a severe cervical fracture that has left her permanently disabled.

Another car passenger says he suffered blunt force trauma, while a different individual had severe nerve damage. Perhaps most disturbingly, a month-old newborn was in the car as well, and was not responsive at the scene, leading the baby to be rushed to the hospital. The child survived, but it is not clear if he or she suffered injuries.

According to TMZ, the legal documents state: “The emotional effects of being involved in a collision that has taken the life of another has caused tremendous distress and suffering.”

All is attributed to Caitlyn Jenner, whom the lawsuit blames for driving recklessly at an unsafe speed. The Wolf-Millesi family is seeking unspecified damages, TMZ reports.

The filing comes more than two months after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced it would not pursue criminal charges against Caitlyn Jenner.

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