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Your iPhone 6s Plus Deserves The Best In Protection

Tech-savvy people know that a delicate smartphone like the iPhone 6s Plus can’t be left uncovered. It would be as ill-advised as taking a walk down the street without wearing your shoes. Like your vulnerable feet, your 6s Plus isfragile and susceptible to damage. Without a protective covering, your iPhone can rub up against sharp keys or meets its end on the sidewalk. If you don’t want your smartphone to sustain serious harm during your day out and about, then you know you need a protective covering to save it from the elements and unfortunate situations.


But the iPhone 6s Plus can’t take just any kind of protection. It’s one of the greatest phones on the market, as its 64-bit A9 chip makes it faster and more powerful than most other cellphones. It’s formidable enough to run the expansive iOS 9, which lets you download and tap through all of your favourite apps, including those built-in ones like Touch ID and 3D Touch. The protection you choose should reflect the status of your phone.

It may seem like the iPhone 6s Plus has set an impossibly high standard, but some retailers have managed to meet it. Those that produce iPhone 6s Plus skins have matched the smartphone’s innovative design in using precision-cut genuine 3M vinyl. For those expecting something more space-age to complement the 6s Plus’ 7000 Series aluminum alloy, you’re in for a surprise. The modest 3M vinyl is an impressive material that protects and defends your phone in many ways.

When wrapped around your smartphone, it creates a second skin that will absorb damages caused by rough surfaces and sharp objects. Its water resistant surface makes spilled drinks a cinch to wipe up before they seep into seams and fry your precious A9 chip, and it defies the grime from your fingers from gunking up your buttons. And while it’s doing all of that, the skin (also known as a wrap) gives your palms and fingers something to grip onto, so you won’t watch in slow motion as your 6s Plus slips through your grasp to shatter on the ground.

Once you try it out, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever used your iPhone without it. In fact, you’ll find that you’ll want to share your new found love for skins with every iPhone user in your life. The great thing is, iPhone 6s Plus wraps and skins make excellent presents for anyone in your life who’s celebrating an upcoming birthday. They also make inexpensive stocking stuffers for the family and friends who will be making merry this December. You can customize each wrap in a unique colour or texture that befits the person you’re buying for, or you can make a whole line of matching skins for your squad. The possibilities are endless, so consider iPhone 6s Plus wraps as a gift this upcoming holiday.

A fully protected and stylish iPhone 6s Plus might be the best present you’re friends and family have ever received because it protects the expensive investment that an iPhone is. It’s also the best present you’ll ever give to yourself, as you’ll be sure to keep a skin for your own iPhone!

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