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Brussels Lockdown: Metro and Schools to Reopen


Metro and schools in Belgian capital Brussels are due to reopen after they were shut four days ago in a security lockdown following the Paris attacks.

However, Brussels remains on the highest alert level, with hundreds of armed police and soldiers on patrol.

Authorities fear Paris-style attacks may be carried out, as at least one Paris gunman had lived in Brussels.

France says 130 people died in a series of attacks in Paris. At least one suspected attacker is still at large.

ISIS says it carried out the attacks.Brussels lockdown Paris attacks

Five people have been charged in Belgium with terrorism offences in connection with the attacks in Paris.

In Brussels, public transport was due to start running again from Wednesday morning though some metro lines will remain closed.

Yesterday, an arrest warrant was issued in Belgium for a man named Mohamed Abrini over the attacks.

French prosecutors say that two days before the attacks, he was seen driving a car with suspect Salah Abdeslam at a petrol station on the motorway to Paris.

Mohamed Abrini is described as “dangerous and probably armed”.

Salah Abdeslam is currently the subject of an international manhunt after the attacks.

The Renault Clio that Mohamed Abrini was seen driving was later used in the attacks, prosecutors say. Police say he should not be approached by the public.

Belgian prosecutors also said on November 24 that they had partially identified two other men taken into custody.

The men, named as Ali O and Lazez A, are both from the Brussels district of Molenbeek, and both will appear separately in court during the course of this week.