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Syria: US Airstrike Destroys 238 ISIS Oil Trucks

According to US officials, an American airstrike has destroyed more than 238 fuel trucks controlled by ISIS militants in north-east Syria.

It is thought the pilots found the trucks parked up together, waiting to be loaded at an oil production point near al-Hasakah and Dayr Az Zawr.

Warning shots were reportedly fired to scare away the civilian drivers, before the destruction of the trucks began.

Islamic State makes large amounts of money from oil it produces from seized facilities.

The US Department of Defense says it will release video of the air raid, which took place over the weekend.ISIS oil trucks in Syria

Last week another 116 tankers were destroyed in a previous airstrike.

Pentagon spokesman, Capt. Jeff Davis, said on November 23: “This was conducted in many ways identical to our last,”

“It was proceeded with a leaflet drop to warn drivers out of their trucks as well as a show of force.”

Jeff Davis said there were no reports of civilian casualties.

The oil truck strikes are part of Operation Tidal Wave II, a change in tactics on the part of the coalition. Previously, petrol supplies were largely avoided because of the impact on civilian populations.

A US-led coalition began a campaign of air strikes in Syria and Iraq in 2014, after ISIS took large parts of both countries.

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