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Maggi Noodles Return to Indian Market

Maggi noodles are back on Indian stores shelves, five months after a food scare saw them taken off shelves.

In May, Indian food safety authorities banned the production and sale of Maggi amid claims they contained dangerously high levels of lead.

The ban was overturned in the Bombay High Court in August.

Nestle had to destroy 400 million packets of Maggi products and stop production in the wake of the tests.

The product recall cost the company $67 million.Maggi noodles India

A company statement on November 9 said it had been “a challenging period for the Nestle organization and therefore, there is a feeling of satisfaction at bringing back Maggi noodles to the market”.

India’s government is suing Nestle for $100 million over allegedly misleading Maggi ads.

Fresh tests mandated by an Indian court found last month that the lead content in Maggi noodles was at a safe level.

Nestle was also criticized for what was seen as a slow reaction to the crisis.

The company is planning a consumer helpline and says it will be more active on social media.