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JFK Fatal Limo License Plates Fetch $100,000 at Auction


The license plates from the car that drove President John F. Kennedy when he was killed in November 1963 have sold at auction for $100,000.

The plates had been discarded when the limousine was sent for upgrades after JFK was shot dead in Dallas.

The company’s owner retrieved them and passed them on to his daughter.

The plates, bearing number GG-300, had been expected to achieve close to $40,000 at the auction in Dallas.

The license plates were almost relegated to the garbage bin. The plates were the property of Jane Walker, and were stored in a junk drawer. JFK fatal limo license plates auction

She inherited the family heirloom from her father, Willard C. Hess. He was the co-founder of Hess & Eisenhardt, the company that converted the President’s Lincoln into a limousine.

“I was aware of their significance,” Jane Walker said.

“On occasion, I would take them out and show to friends.”

The auction company said the plates were bought by a “high-end Kennedy collector” who wanted to remain anonymous.

Also sold was a menu from the last dinner served on the Titanic before it sank. The menu fetched $118,750.

Some diners on the Titanic were served oysters, roast duckling and peaches in chartreuse jelly.

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