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EU Refugees Crisis: UN Accuses Czech Republic of Human Rights Violations


The Czech Republic is accused of “systematic” rights violations in their treatment of refugees and migrants.

According to the UN’s human rights chief, Czech authorities were holding refugees in “degrading” conditions for up to 90 days.

Zeid Raad Al Hussein said refugees had been strip-searched to find money to pay for their detention, and protested about “Islamophobic” statements by Czech President Milos Zeman.

Milos Zeman’s spokesman said the president “stood by his opinions”.

While other European countries had implemented policies to restrict the movement of refugees, the Czech Republic was “unique” in its routine detention of migrants for long periods, Zeid Raad Al Hussein said in a statement.Refugees in Czech Republic

He said the measures taken appeared to be “designed to deter migrants and refugees from entering the country or staying there”.

Zeid Raad Al Hussein said one detention facility in Beza-Jezova has been described as “worse than a prison” by the Czech justice minister.

The UN rights chief added that he was alarmed by the “xenophobic public discourse” accompanying Czech government policy.

Milos Zeman frequently courts controversy with Islamophobic remarks.

While visiting a butcher shop on a recent visit to southeast Moravia, Milos Zeman told reporters that Muslim refugees would not respect Czech laws and customs.

Milos Zeman said that on the contrary, they would stone women to death for adultery and cut thieves’ hands off.

The president’s spokesman said the UN’s criticism of Milos Zeman was part of an intensifying campaign against the Czech Republic over its stand on the refugee crisis.