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If you are a business owner, you understand quite clearly the importance of a reliable, constant source of power.  If you don’t, all it takes is one power outage to really magnify just how much most companies rely on power to run their business every day.  It’s no secret, then, that power losses can be a serious detriment to a company.  To avoid the inevitable pitfalls associated with power outages, it’s a good idea to invest in an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) from a specialist source such as UPS Rental.

Without getting too technical, basically a UPS will serve as a stop-gap power source in the event that the main power supply experiences a surge, a drop or – even worse – a blackout.  If you’ve never purchased or rented a UPS before, you may find the idea daunting.  The truth is, however, the process doesn’t have to be intimidating.  All it takes is knowing which questions to ask to ensure you are getting the product you need.

Questions to ask

Do you back up your products with a service package?  This is important in case something goes wrong with your product.

surge-protectorDo you offer 24-hour emergency service, support, and repairs?  Just as with anything else, UPS systems can break down.  Your company’s productivity and data are too important to have to wait to have issues with your UPS addressed and fixed.  In situations like that, every second matters.

What are your prices? Although it’s always a good idea to try to find a good price when you purchase or rent something, never choose a UPS based solely on price.  Be sure you understand exactly what you are getting for that price and choose the company that offers the best value, not just the best price.  Prices should be competitive.  Be wary of prices that are much lower or much higher than average.  Something questionable could be behind the variance in the price.

UPS services are offered by a host of different companies, but those companies aren’t all the same.  Do your research to understand not only what each company’s products are offering, but also what your company’s particular needs are.  Only pay for those services you need – nothing more, nothing less.  Otherwise, you run the risk of either your needs exceeding the capability of the UPS service or of paying for services that you don’t need.

Power surges or breaks can be very detrimental to any size business.  Although there is not much that can be done to recover data once it is lost, there are things business owners can do to prevent problems in the first place.  Having an uninterrupted power source in your corner means you can rest easy knowing that if there ever comes a day where the power source to your business is negatively affected, you will have the backup in place that you need.  You won’t have to scramble to figure out what to do in the event of power surges; you’ll already have things covered.