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Burkina Faso: Gilbert Diendere’s Assets Frozen after Failed Coup


The assets of General Gilbert Diendere, the leader of Burkina Faso’s failed coup, have been frozen by state prosecutors.

Another 13 people suspected of involvement have also had their assets frozen, the state prosecutor says.

Interim President Michel Kafando was reinstated on September 23 after an intervention from the army and West African leaders following last week’s coup.

On September 25, Michel Kafando’s government ordered the presidential guards’ unit that carried out the coup to be disbanded.

At least 10 people were killed and more than 100 injured in clashes during the take-over which Gilbert Diendere described as “the biggest mistake”.

In a statement announcing the latest move, state prosecutor Laurent Poda said that the assets of 14 people, including Gen. Gilbert Diendere and his wife Fatou Diendere, a lawmaker for the former ruling party, would be frozen for three months.

During this period, they would only be able to withdraw 300,000 CFA ($512) a month.Gilbert Diendere assets frozen after Burkina Faso failed coup

On September 25, the first full meeting of the government since Michel Kafando’s reinstatement decided to disband the presidential guard (RSP) and to dismiss the minister in charge of security.

The RSP – a unit of 1,200 well-armed and well-trained men – is loyal to Blaise Compaore, the country’s long-time ruler who was ousted in a popular uprising last year. They were unhappy about being integrated into the regular army.

Members of the unit stormed the cabinet room on September 16, seizing the interim president, the prime minister and others.

A week later, when it became clear they did not enjoy popular support and after a threat from the regular army to step down or be ousted by force, the RSP withdrew.

An emergency meeting of the regional bloc ECOWAS earlier in the week also helped to bring a smooth end to the crisis.

Blaise Compaore is currently in exile and was accused of committing widespread abuses, and trying to change the constitution to extend his term in office.

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