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Donald Trump to Sue Club for Growth over Attack Ad


Donald Trump has threatened to sue the conservative Club for Growth for its ad campaign in which the Republican presidential hopeful for his liberal economic policy positions.

On September 22, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign released a cease and desist letter sent by the tycoon’s general counsel, Alan Garten, to Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

In the letter written on the letterhead of Donald Trump’s business conglomerate, Alan Garten says the conservative group has misrepresented the billionaire’s views on taxes by taking an old statement that he would like to hike taxes across the board on the “superwealthy,” a view that Trump’s campaign claims he no longer holds.

Earlier this year, the Club for Growth asked for a $1 million donation from Donald Trump, which he declined.

The letter closes with an ultimatum: “In the interest of avoiding what will certainly be a costly litigation process, we are prepared to offer you the one-time opportunity to rectify this matter by providing us with your prompt written assurances that (i) you have stopped running the Attack Ads; and (ii) you will not generate or disseminate any misleading or inaccurate information or make any factually baseless accusations… with respect to my client at any point in the future.”

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If the Club for Growth refuses to heed Donald Trump’s warnings, his counsel threatens: “We will commence a multi-million dollar lawsuit against you personally and your organization … as well as pursue all other remedies available to us at law or in equity.”

Club for Growth Action released a statement on September 22 responding to the Trump organization’s letter saying the ad campaign will continue.

“Tough guy Donald Trump starts whining when his liberal record is revealed,” said David McIntosh.

“Trump has advocated higher taxes numerous times over many years, just like he’s advocated for universal health care, the Wall Street bailout, and expanded government powers to take private property. 

“Trump’s own statements prove that our ads are accurate. They will continue to run. We suggest that Donald grow up, stop whining, and try to defend his liberal record.”

On September 15, the Club for Growth’s political arm held a press conference at the National Press Club in D.C. to announce it was launching a $1 million ad campaign in Iowa, branding Donald Trump “the worst kind of politician.”

The two ads highlight Donald Trump’s past statements that he identifies as a Democrat and that he has supported using eminent domain to take private property.

Donald Trump, one of the ads says, is “playing us for chumps”.