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Lenin Statue’s Head Dug Up in Germany


The head of a giant Lenin statue has been unearthed in Germany, 24 years after it was buried in a forest.

Workers dug up the granite structure from woodland outside capital Berlin, following a campaign by historians.Lenin statue head Germany

The head was once part of a 62ft monument to the Russian communist leader, which towered over the east of Berlin.

Lenin statue was dismantled in 1991 after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the pieces were buried in a secluded forest.

The structure famously featured in the 2003 film comedy, Good Bye Lenin, about German reunification. In one scene it was airlifted through the city by a helicopter.

Lenin’s 3.5 tonne head will now be transported from the forest to West Berlin’s Spandau Citadelle museum to be included in an exhibition about German monuments.

The head is the only part of the statue to be excavated.

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