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Go Big with Videoconferencing

At some point your business will most likely want to start investing in videoconferencing, and with good reason. Videoconferencing brings a whole new level of interaction to your company both inside and out. The software available for videoconferencing today has changed the playing field by offering high end cloud support and the ability to connect to the conference using any number of different devices. One of the greatest things, especially with services like Blue Jeans videoconferencing, is the ability to leverage employee devices so that you do not have to issue tablets or mobile devices. The benefit of living in the digital age is that virtually everyone has a smart device, and they can easily connect into your videoconferencing network.

Go Big or Go Home

Another great thing about video conferencing, at least today, is the ability to connect with a large number of people simultaneously within your business, and even outside if it is necessary. Some of the higher end services will actually support up to 100 endpoints in a meeting, making it easy to contact a global team or even conduct HR interviews via the conferencing software. To make it even better, you will find that it is fairly simple to record the events of each meeting, and the cloud will even allow you to store those events at your leisure. You will then be able to access it every single time you need it along with any notes that had been entered. This is a great way to conference and a great way to reflect back on the events that happened during the meeting. Of course, there is always the opportunity to go just a bit bigger with your videoconferencing service.

Scale it Down, Scale it Up

The majority of videoconferencing software today runs in the cloud. So what does that mean exactly? Does that mean your software is in the upper atmosphere? Not in this case, but it does meant that it is stored off-site, and you won’t have to worry about any sort of configuration, other than making sure the software is completely customized to you. If you should choose to upgrade or downgrade your package, however, you will need to do nothing more than simply head to the retailers website and arrange for an upgrade. You can add additional licenses or virtual ports, and your service will be expended. This, is just one of the benefits of using a videoconferencing service like this, and there are several others, namely the ability to go big.

Go Bigger or Go Home

You’ve already gone big; you know what it is like to connect with one hundred people at any given time, but what if that isn’t enough? What if you need to connect with even more? Well, you know what they say, go big or go home, and in this case, you’re going to connect with more than three thousand people. Can you imagine going much bigger than that? Maybe you can, but you don’t really need to. Going bigger gives you the opportunity to host more varied events, such as seminars or massive company wide meetings. It might sound farfetched, but the future is here, and we are living in it. What will you make of it?

In the traditional webcast, it is impossible for attendees to interact with the streamer, which has always been a problem. After all, connecting with your audience can really be one of the most important things that you do within your company. High end conferencing software, on the other hand, has a new trick up its sleeve. Rather you can actually extend the podium and allow everyone at the conference a chance to speak, and to convey their message to a potentially global audience.

Because of the nature of the software, anyone will have the opportunity to participate regardless of where they are so long as they were able to successfully connect to the network. Users can connect from their homes, their offices, cars, stores, broom closets, or even in the middle of the wilderness. Access is available for everyone and it is all highly interactive. Whether it is a full system, or a mobile device, the choices are virtually unlimited, and provide endless opportunity for all who wish to connect.

Going big with videoconferencing is a great way to change the dynamic of your business, and change the way that people communicate. Now would be a great time to start considering how you will integrate it into your business, and how it will change the way that you interact with your employees. The future is now, and video is the way of the future for any business that chooses to take advantage of it. Will you be one of them?

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