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Warren G. Harding Had a Love Child with Nan Britton, DNA Tests Confirm


The 29th president of the United States, Warren G. Harding, had a love child, advanced DNA tests revealed.

President Warren Harding fathered a child with Nan Britton during his presidency.

The tests show that Warren Harding, who was married, was indeed the father of Elizabeth Ann Blaesing, Nan Britton’s daughter.President Warren G Harding love child

Warren Harding’s immediate family and the public had rejected the claims and shamed Nan Britton, calling her a liar.

Dr. Peter Harding, one of the former president’s grand-nephews who spearheaded getting the DNA tests done, thinks advanced DNA testing was definitely conclusive.

He and his cousin Abigail Harding pursued the tests with James Blaesing, a grandson of Nan Britton.

Ancestry.com, which provided the test with their AncestryDNA service, confirmed the results were true to the BBC.

Elizabeth Ann Blaesing died in 2005. Her mother wrote a book, The President’s Daughter, in 1927, in an attempt to make money and prove Warren Harding’s paternity after his death at 57 as he had left no financial arrangement for their daughter.Nan Britton and daughter Elizabeth Ann

The scandal rocked the 1920s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties” – the president was married and much older than Nan Britton.

In the past, the Blaesing family did not want to submit to DNA tests, thinking it insulting to their late matriarch.

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