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How to Use Makeup and Contacts to Enhance Your Eye Color


Your natural eye color can be enhanced far more easily than you might imagine with a few tricks and tips that you can do at home. There are three tips that can make the biggest impact when trying to enhance your natural eye color and knowing how to pull them off seamlessly is simple.

Enhancing With Contact Lenses

For starters, contact lenses are perhaps the easiest way to enhance your natural eye color. Contact lenses can also help change your eye color entirely if you so decide. A product like the FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses work with your eye color to make it brighter, more vivid, and more striking without having to do much. These contacts work with your natural eye color instead of changing it completely. Contacts like FreshLook ColorBlends help to add just a hint of color that works with the natural color of your eyes. With color options like amethyst, blue, brilliant blue, brown, gray, green, honey, and more, you can help to make your own eye color brighter and more beautiful.

These contact lenses are going to help bring out your natural eye color without masking it. FreshLook ColorBlends blend in with the natural color of your eyes. These contacts have just enough color that they make your own eye color look different rather than masking it. With these contact lenses, it’s easy to use colors that complement the natural tones of your eyes and help to make them brighter and more vivid.


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Using Makeup

Another way that you can help to enhance the color of your eyes is to use makeup. Makeup can do wonders and can change the whole look of a person with the right amount of product. With the correct makeup application, you can make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more. The first step to enhancing your eye color with makeup is to figure out where your eye color falls on the color wheel. You will then need to figure out what color is opposite on the color wheel to find the shade that best enhances your own eye color.

Blue eyes look great with browns and oranges, brown eyes look great with blues, green eyes look best with purple, and gray eyes can be paired with whichever color you want. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel naturally look great paired together. Wearing a shade that is opposite of your eye color is going to help make your eye color stand out and sparkle. You can also use shades that are similar to your own eye color to bring out the color itself.

Wearing shades that are in the same color group as your own shade can also help bring out your natural color. For instance, wearing blue with blue eyes can make them appear bluer. Wearing green with green eyes can similarly bring out the green in the eyes. These colors can help make a huge difference in the overall color and appearance of your eyes. Using these colors can bring out the color of your eyes and make them much more vivid.

Brighteners and Concealers

If these options do not work for you there is a third option — using eye brighteners and concealers to help bring out the eye area can also help enhance your natural eye color. Brighteners draw attention to the eye area and they are going to make your eye color much brighter. Any of these tricks can help make your eye color stand out and can help make for a much more beautiful eye color all around. If you are feeling very bold, you can also pair contact lenses with eye makeup for an even bolder impact that will bring attention to your eyes and that will also help make your eyes look more beautiful than ever. Your natural eye color is stunning and you should embrace it, so the best tip is to look for ways to enhance it, rather than hide it.