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Jon Stewart Hosts His Final Daily Show


Jon Stewart has hosted his final broadcast of The Daily Show on August 6.

A host of stars joined Jon Stewart for the final show, including Bruce Springsteen.

There were also video messages from Secretary of State John Kerry and Republican Senator John McCain.

Jon Stewart took over the show in 1999 and established himself as one of the most influential satirists in the US and the voice of liberal America.

He is being replaced by the South African comedian Trevor Noah.

The Daily Show, broadcast on Comedy Central, has often been cited as a leading news source for young people, with an average audience of one million viewers.Jon Stewart final Daily Show

In his final monologue, Jon Stewart thanked colleagues, fans and family.

“Nothing ends. It’s just a continuation. It’s a pause in the conversation,” he said.

“So rather than saying goodbye or good night, I’m just going to say I’m gonna go get a drink,” he said.

The Daily Show has also helped to launch several well-known comic performers, including Steve Carell and John Oliver, as well as Stephen Colbert who is to be David Letterman’s replacement on CBS’s Late Show.

The hashtag #JonVoyage was trending on Twitter as Jon Stewart bid farewell to the Daily Show, with famous fans paying tribute, including President Barack Obama.

However, for John McCain, it was a chance for a spot of gentle revenge. Jon Stewart had once mocked him using a puppet resembling the Republican senator.

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