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How to Choose the Best Conversion Kit for e Bikes


More and more people are choosing to ride electric bikes. This is because it is such an efficient mode of transportation. They are easy to ride and they don’t need any fuel, which means they have a lower carbon footprint than a gas bicycle, causing less pollution. Of course, not everybody already owns an electric bike, but most people do own a regular bicycle. It is now possible to purchase a conversion kit that will help you to transform your existing bike into an electric one. But how does this work and where do you find one?

What Is a Conversion Kit for e Bikes?

It is a known fact that electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. Indeed, according to Amazon, there has been a 6,000% increase on sales year on year. The problem with this is, however, that there are now a number of merchants out there who are simply trying to push cheap products onto the market to make a quick buck themselves. Good kits are designed to be installed on a regular bicycle, transforming it into a battery powered one. This is achieved using a number of different systems. What matters is that you learn how to avoid the poor quality, cheap knockoffs and find one that actually does what it is supposed to do.


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How to Find the Best Conversion Kit for e Bikes

As a customer, you need to be aware of the fact that the poor quality merchants are out there, and you need to learn how to recognize a good conversion kit. One thing to know is that the best conversion kit for e bikes does not have to cost the earth. Unfortunately, if you search online for a conversion kit, you will find so many different options that it can seem overwhelming. If you have a better idea of the equipment you are actually looking for, however, you will have a better chance of finding the right type as well.

A good conversion kit will include everything you could possibly need to convert your regular bike into an electric model, including the tools for assembly. Some of the things that should be included in the kit, therefore, include:

  • The powerful motor needed to run the bike.
  • The specific wheels that actually fit the motor.
  • A battery charger.
  • An electric controller.
  • The brake pullers.
  • The battery power indicator.
  • The thumb gear changer.
  • The connecting harness.
  • The handlebar grips.

Naturally, all of this should be neatly packaged and it should come with full instructions.

There are many kits available online, ranging from very cheap to incredibly expensive. Try, therefore, to not be guided by price alone. Some of the cheaper kits actually work far better than the most expensive ones. Spend some time reviewing the different kits that are out there, which should give you a better idea of which merchants are trustworthy as well. Finally, never buy a kit that does not come with a full money back guarantee.