Home Entertainment Phil Rudd Pleads Not Guilty to Breaching Home Detention Conditions

Phil Rudd Pleads Not Guilty to Breaching Home Detention Conditions


Phil Rudd has pleaded not guilty to breaching the conditions of his current home detention by drinking alcohol.

The former AC/DC drummer has been under house detention since being sentenced for drug possession and making threats to kill last month.

Phil Rudd, 61, was banned from consuming alcohol as part of his eight-month sentence.Phil Rudd home detention

On August 3, a New Zealand judge allowed him to stay at home while on bail awaiting a November hearing on the possible breach.

Phil Rudd could face further sanctions, including jail time, if the judge decides he did violate his conditions.

Asked after the hearing whether he was nervous about the possible consequences, Phil Rudd told reporters: “No, the only thing I’m nervous about is I don’t actually don’t know what’s going on.”

Asked how he would spend time on bail, Phil Rudd replied: “Self-improvement.”

Phil Rudd was sentenced to house detention on July 9 for threatening to “take out” a former employee and possessing marijuana and methamphetamine.

Judge Thomas Ingram said home detention was the most appropriate punishment – but warned that he would be closely monitored and jail would be the next step if the drummer stepped out of line.

Following his latest arrest, Phil Rudd must undergo drug and alcohol testing when required.