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Greece Forest Fire Rages in Athens Suburb

Greek firefighters are battling wildfires on the eastern outskirts of Athens, and more fires in the southern Peloponnese peninsula which have forced villagers to flee.

The fire outside Athens spread quickly on a hillside and blanketed parts of the city in thick smoke.

Crews fought to keep the flames away from nearby residential areas.Greece forest fire 2015

Separately, several villages were evacuated in the Peloponnese as wildfires burned through rural land.

The flames, near the town of Monemvassia, forced one fire-fighting aircraft to make an emergency landing, according to reports.

“It’s hellish right now, there are hundreds of pockets of fire,” Iraklis Trichilis, mayor of the town of Monemvassia, earlier told Skai television.

The blaze outside the capital, fanned by strong winds, burned through woodland on Mount Hymettus, forcing some residents to flee their homes, Kathimerini newspaper said.

Although forest fires are not unusual in Greece, local media say these are bigger than in recent years.

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