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Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss 2015: Final Check up with The Doctors


Honey Boo Boo has lost nearly 8 lbs in the past month, dropping from 125.5 lbs to 118, her mother, June Shannon, revealed via Instagram.

Mama June credited Alana’s weight loss to “eating smaller portions and walking” as well as support from the family’s personal trainer, Natasha Fett.

The 35-year-old also said that she has lost 45 lbs and her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon has lost 26 lbs. She went on to say that it all happened because Natasha Fett was “someone who genuinely cares about us … getting healthier and changing [our] minds”.Honey Boo Boo weight loss 2015

June Shannon wrote on Instagram on May 20: “Oh k cause everyone wants to know how alana doing she has lost almost 8 pds from 125.5 to 118 so Far in a mth im so proud of her… just by eating smaller portions and walking and with the encouraging support even 3000 miles away from our personal trainer @natashafett. ..just so everyone knows I want the truth out there I’m sorry but in the mth the show “THE DOCTORS” was in our lives she lost nothing they wanted her to fail I feel from the beginning they air the rest of the show tomorrow we wasn’t on a 10 wk program like they want y’all to believe they flew us back in almost a mth after the first appearance and they separate this show that will air tomorrow but in real life it was filmed back on April so I know they r going to make it looks like we don’t care but we do I mama June have lost 45 pds in a lil over a mth pumpkin @blowin_ur_mind15 has lost 26 pds in a lil over mth and all cause the awesome support of one person that came into our lives @natashafett believe us or not but she is awesome supportive encouraged us when we felt like we couldn’t or didn’t what to do it she was always a call or text away encouraging telling us we r doing awesome and this is what has helped us not just the support of us as a family unit but the support from someone who genuinely cares about us successful getting healthier and changing your minds and this is truth my side of things I’m proud of the changes alana pumpkin and myself have made and continue to make its not hard to it it’s a mind over matter and yes im not going to lie it was hard at first but with the right support team in your corner and I want to thank u @GRMediaFirm for introducing natasha into our lives she has really made a HUGE difference in us and we thank u from the bottom of our hearts …”

In February, 9-year-old Honey Boo Boo was on The Doctors pledging to lose 12-25 pounds from her 4ft6in, 125-pound frame.

The Doctors had provided Alana Thompson with a brand new bicycle and chef-prepared meals for a six-week period as well as new kitchen appliances for Mama June.

Honey Boo Boo and her mother returned to The Doctors on May 20, for the third and final check up.
Dr. Travis Stork confronted Mama June and said: “We sent you all these kitchen tools to help you cook and they’re still in the boxes, haven’t even been opened.”

He also accused Honey Boo Boo of saying one thing for the cameras, “but doing another”.

Meanwhile, mother-of-four June Shannon is planning to undergo lap-band surgery this summer, TMZ reported.