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The Edge Falls off Stage During Vancouver Concert


The Edge fell off stage during the opening night of U2’s world tour.

The rock band’s guitarist, real name David Howell Evans, has said he is fine.

U2 were performing their encore at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver when the 53-year-old took a tumble.

A video posted online of the incident shows the guitarist appearing to misjudge the unconventional shape of the stage and stepping off the side.The Edge falls off stage in Vancouver

The Edge later posted a picture of his grazed arm on Instagram saying: “Didn’t see the edge, I’m ok!”

U2 have just begun their Innocence + Experience tour, which will see them play some 70 dates across North America and Europe.

U2’s frontman Bono has also taken a dive on several occasions.

Bono fell backwards off stage at a Miami concert in 2001 and slipped off a rainy stage in Washington DC in 1987 – dislocating his arm and requiring him to wear a sling for a dozen shows.

He also fell in 1983 during a gig in Germany after trying to climb a barricade.

Last November, Bono also underwent five hours of surgery after breaking his arm in six places and suffering a broken eye socket as a result of a “high-energy bicycle accident” in New York.

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