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Floyd Mayweather Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Josie Harris for Lying in Katie Couric Interview


Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s ex-girlfriend Josie Harris sued him for lying in his interview with Katie Couric prior to his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Josie Harris is asking for over $20 million in damages for Floyd Mayweather repeatedly knowingly making false statements, TMZ Sports reported.

In his interview with Katie Couric, Floyd Mayweather was asked about the 2010 incident with Josie Harris in which he was accused of viciously attacking her.

Floyd Mayweather later pleaded guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges, leading to a 90-day jail sentence.

He told a much different tale from what the arrest report states.Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris

“Did I kick, stomp and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen,” Floyd Mayweather told Katie Couric.

“I look in your face and say, <<No, that didn’t happen>>. Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did. So if they say that’s domestic violence, then, you know what? I’m guilty. I’m guilty of restraining someone.”

Josie Harris’ lawyer says in the suit that Floyd Mayweather knowingly lied in his interview with Katie Couric to protect his image and help promote his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather accused Josie Harris of being on drugs and claims to have just restrained her, when that is not at all what Harris says happened.

The real story, according to Josie Harris, is that Floyd Mayweather was jealous she was having a relationship with a new man, NBA player C.J. Watson.

He took away Josie Harris’ cellphone, and later attacked her inside her home. Floyd Mayweather paid for the home and had Josie Harris and their three children living there.

“Did he beat me to a pulp? No, but I had bruises on my body and contusions and [a] concussion because the hits were to the back of my head. I believe it was planned to do that … because the bruises don’t show,” Josie Harris said in a 2013 interview with Yahoo.

Floyd Mayweather’s own son, who helped save his mother, even called his father a “coward” for beating up Josie Harris.

This wasn’t the first domestic violence incident between them; Josie Harris accused Floyd Mayweather of beating her up in 2005, but she later dropped the charges and admitted she was lying.

As recently in 2013, Josie Harris posted photo evidence suggesting she and Floyd Mayweather were still sleeping together. As of last year she was still supporting Floyd Mayweather and even got in a fight with one of his other ex-girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Josie Harris has distanced herself from Floyd Mayweather and his controlling ways, and she even is publishing a book about their dysfunctional relationship history.

Josie Harris even appeared to comment on the lawsuit with an Instagram post of a heart and the words, “I’m not sorry” written inside them.

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