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Who Is State Attorney Marilyn Mosby?


Marilyn Mosby is the top state prosecutor for Baltimore that filed criminal charges against six officers in the case of Freddie Gray who died in police custody on April 19.

During a news conference on May 1st, State Attorney Marilyn Mosby said the death of the 25-year-old black man was a homicide, and his arrest was illegal.

Marilyn Mosby announced charges ranging from second-degree murder to assault.Marilyn Mosby Freddie Gray case

Freddie Gray’s death – from injuries in custody – sparked violent protests in Baltimore this week.

Top state prosecutor for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby has been in office since January 2015.

Marilyn Mosby, 35, is an African-American raised in a gritty neighborhood of Boston.

Her husband, Nick Mosby, is a Baltimore Councilman.

In Boston, Marilyn Mosby’s mother, father and grandfather were all police officers.  Campaigning for her job in 2014, Marilyn Mosby said she decided to be a prosecutor when she was 14, the year one of her cousins, was shot to death outside her family home.