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Michael Dark Releases Information on Britain’s Most Popular Flowers


Recent research by online florist Michael Dark has revealed the most popular flowers in the UK. They are the rose, the lily, the freesia and the tulip. They hope that this information will help people to choose flowers as gifts or for themselves, and to raise understanding about why florists stock the flowers that they do.

After significant research, Michael Dark, online florist based in Newton Abbot, Devon, has released information on what the most popular flowers in Britain actually are. It is hoped that this research will help people gain a greater understanding of which flowers to purchase for others. Additionally, it raises understanding over why florists stock certain products over others.


Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk

“All too often, people come and ask why we stock so many roses”, says a spokesperson for Michael Dark. “They feel that the rose is a kind of “been there, done that” flower. In reality, however, it is incredibly popular. We can always get our hands on them whether they are seasonal or not, and people buy them. We hope that this research shows why we, as florists across the country, have the stock that we do.”

Flowers are a thing of beauty and they have been revered throughout history. That doesn’t mean, however, that every flower is popular. Not accounting for personal taste and exceptions, some people look for flowers because they smell a certain way. Other people look for flowers that look a certain way. Others still look for a combination of both. And florists know that some flowers are simply not appealing to the majority of people.

It would be impossible to list every type of flower that exists on the planet. Each have something unique about them, and popularity is also a highly cultural thing. In Britain, there are even some notable regional differences. At the same time, the research has shown clearly what Britain’s favourite flowers are overall. They are:

  • The rose, the most popular flower in the world. Red and white roses are the most famous of all, but they are available in almost any colour imaginable, except true black and blue. They are not bound by the seasons and there are many different varieties of roses around. The red rose has a strong place in history as well.
  • The lily, which originates from the Middle Ages in China. These flowers have been around for over 3,000 years. It is an autumnal flower and comes in yellow, red and purple. People in the UK seem to love this flower, mainly because they can get it all year long. Some people associate the white lily in particular with funerals. Historically, it was a medicinal flower.
  • The freesia is grown all over the world. In the UK, it is purchased from florists like MichaelDark.co.uk some 100 million times each year. They come in a range of beautiful colours, including red, yellow, black and pink. The freesia is unique in as such that its white variety smells the least strong. For strong scents, people should choose red or pink instead.
  • The tulip is highly popular and, like the rose, comes in all colours except true black and blue. Although seen as a Dutch flower, the tulip actually originated from the Middle East. They are mainly available between from April onwards in the UK. The tulip has also been the inspiration for many paintings by David Hockney.

“You simply cannot go wrong with any of these flowers”, added the spokesperson. “If you want to give flower as a gift, or simply want something to decorate your own home, then these really are the best choices.”