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Night Wolves: Vladimir Putin’s Biker Gang Begins Ride to Berlin


Vladimir Putin’s bikers have begun a controversial ride to Berlin, even though Poland says it will not allow them to cross the country.

The Night Wolves bike club wants to retrace the route of the Red Army in World War Two, and visit memorials to the Soviet troops who died fighting the Nazis.

Poland’s PM Ewa Kopacz called the trip a provocation.Night Wolves Berlin ride

The ultra-patriotic bikers are renowned for their staunch support of President Vladimir Putin, particularly his policies in Ukraine.

The US has put the Night Wolves on its sanctions list.

The bikers heading for Berlin joined a large crowd at the Night Wolves’ headquarters in Moscow on April 25 for the annual launch of the season.

Their leather jackets were newly embroidered: “Routes of Victory, 1941-45“.

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