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Nepal Quake: Nearly 2,000 People Killed in Worst Tremor in 80 Years

Nearly 2,000 people were killed on April 25 in the worst earthquake that struck Nepal in more than 80 years.

More than 700 have died in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu alone.

Rescue efforts in Nepal are intensifying as many countries and charities have offered aid to deal with the disaster.

Seventeen people have been killed on Mount Everest by avalanches – the mountain’s worst-ever disaster.

Meanwhile a powerful aftershock was felt on April 26 in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, and more avalanches were reported near Everest.

The 6.7 magnitude tremor, centered 40 miles east of Kathmandu, sent people running in panic for open ground in the city.

Screams and the sound of an avalanche could be heard as an Indian mountaineer was interviewed by phone from near Everest by Reuters news agency.

The death toll from the original earthquake could rise, as the situation is unclear in remote areas which remain cut off or hard to access.

Many mountain roads are cracked or blocked by landslides.

Scores of bodies have been ferried to hospitals in Kathmandu, many of which are struggling to cope with the number of injured.

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