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John Hinckley Jr. Wants to Be Released from Mental Health Facility

John Hinckley Jr.’s lawyer has told a court his client should be permanently released from his mental health facility.

John Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan, who survived, and three others outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington in 1981.

He was found not guilty by reason of insanity but was sent for treatment to a Washington hospital.

Currently, John Hinckley Jr. spends 17 days per month at his mother’s home in the nearby state of Virginia.

John Hinckley’s lawyer, Barry Levine, told a federal court on April 22 that the would-be assassin is “clinically ready” to leave St Elizabeth’s Hospital permanently because he has been in “full and stable remission” for more than two decades.John Hinckley Jr mental health

The lawyer is asking a judge to grant his client “convalescent leave”, which would allow him to live outside the hospital with regular visits to mental health professionals.

Prosecutor Colleen Kennedy disagreed and said more restrictions and conditions are necessary to keep John Hinckley Jr. and others safe.

His mother is 89 years old and lives near Williamsburg, Virginia.

While living with her, John Hinckley is allowed to live a normal life that includes unsupervised shopping and dining out, and occasional contact with the US Secret Service.

Ronald Reagan was just 69 days into his presidency when the attempt was made on his life.

The former president suffered a punctured lung, but survived after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Three others were wounded, including White House aide James Brady who was shot in the head and suffered brain damage and partial paralysis.

A Secret Service agent and a police officer suffered lesser wounds.

A gun control law passed in 1993 was nicknamed The Brady Bill and the White House press briefing room bears James Brady’s name. He died in August of last year at the age of 73.

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