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5 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development

Xamarin is one of the best tools for cross-platform mobile development. This powerful and easy-to-use framework brings .NET/C# to both iOS and Android. Mobile apps created with Xamarin meet the distribution requirements of Apple Store and Google Play. IT specialists, choosing Xamarin for cross-platform development, save much time and effort working on their apps.

Here are 5 basic reasons to choose Xamarin for cross-platform development:

1. Easy to Learn

To create decent mobile applications, developers need to learn lots of things, like the platform SDK, user interface norms, process life-cycle and so on. This list is pretty long, so adding several programming languages to it will be too much. With Xamarin you can develop apps for iOS and Android without learning two different programming languages (Objective-C and Java), as it allows building applications for multiple platforms using just one programming language – C#.

2. Faster application development

Xamarin, with its absolute code re-usability, allows saving much time on the application development. In other words, you create one application logic and then share it across multiple platforms. There is no need developing similar apps for different platforms, as mobile applications created with Xamarin are compliant with the native development requirements of all major platforms.

3. Absence of limits

One of the best features of Xamarin is that is does not hide uniqueness of each platform. In fact, it does the opposite – embraces specific features of every platform. Thus, applications written with Xamarin never feel foreign to the platforms on which they are run.

4. Fewer bugs

It is proven that applications created with Xamarin have fewer bugs. Moreover, it allows testing apps and detecting bugs right in the cloud. Consequently, there is no need testing the app’s performance, feel or look on multiple devices. Otherwise speaking, testing is also faster and easier with Xamarin.

5. Saves money

Faster application development requires fewer investments. Thus, when choosing Xamarin for application development, you save company’s money, which is especially beneficial for startups.

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